USD $150 - USD $650

About This Service
Head shots are intended for helping you land a career, an actor headshot should help casting directors understand you as a person exactly as he or she is hopes that the headshot will inspire the casting director to hire you. These pictures expressing different poses and expressions to give a potential employer an idea of the subject's range of appearances or expressions. These types of head shots are called "looks".The head shots that include a person's shoulders are called "three-quarter" shots.
The most important feature of an head shot is that it represents the subject, usually very "natural" looking shots of the person and clearly show their facial features.
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Studio, small budget - $150
Session photo 20 mins
One outfit change
Includes 2 beautifully edited images
Addtl images available for purchase
Silver Package - $280
Session photo 45 mins
Two outfit changes
Includes 4 beautifully edited images
Addtl images available for purchase
Gold Package - $650
Session photo 90 mins
Three outfit changes
Hair and Makeup
Includes 6 beautifully edited images


USD $450 - USD $950

About This Service
How do I propose to my girlfriend? Planning a surprise proposal.
–The photography is the art of capturing photos of a couple that is engaged to be married.
We will discuss different engagement photo shoot ideas with you to in order to determine the general aesthetic mood of the photos is important, since this will dictate the other aspects of the photoshoot as well.
If you have any special location in mind. This could be a place that holds some special memory or significance for you and your lover.
Multiple locations in your engagement photo shoot can be used to tell a story. We can travel to various places that are special for you and your fiancee, that tell the story of journey as lovers.
Early mornings and late afternoons are preferred for outdoor, natural light shoots so the so-called GOLDEN HOURS.
At the end of the day, it will be fun and relaxed.
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Small Package - $450
Photo session 90 minnutes
Indoor or Outdoor
Includes 15 digitally edited photos
Addtl images available for purchase.
Medium Package - $650
Photo session 2 hours
Indoor or Outdoor
Includes 25 digitally edited photos
Addtl images available for purchase
Large Package - $950
Photo session 3 hours
Indoor and Outdoor
Includes 40 digitally edited photos
Addtl images available for purchase


USD $450 - USD $1,500

About This Service
The portrait photography is about relating a human experience. It’s about exposing the character of my subject.
The people trust you. The way to get the best portrait photo is to understand how they relate to the world, and then capture that emotion tell in the photos like no other genre.

Formal Studio Session
First of all, consider that portraits precede the invention of photography. Painters created their portraits with formal sessions where the subject had to remain still while the artist worked to capture their likeness.

Environmental Scenes
The key is to fit the environment to my subject in order to draw out a message, about something their personality or character.
Environmental photography is more about finding places to photograph interior or exterior in order to showcase my subject.
My approach to environmental portrait photography should educate the viewer about the subject.
At the end you get a story that supports the subject. 

Candid Portrait
The Candid portraits eliminate pretense and preparation. The idea is to show someone in their natural environment and behavior.
There’s a responsibility upon the photographer not to take portraits during embarrassing or demeaning moments. Instead, it’s better to capture the emotion of a moment.

Composite Portrait
A composite portrait consists to combined photos and post-processing together to create something new.
You can find some very creative photos that are a result of multiple composite photos, creating elaborate scenes of life
My creative photography works both in-camera settings and during post-processing.
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The Small Package - $450
Up to 45 minutes
1 outfit, 1 location
3 digital hi-res images, color only
The Standard Package - $800
Up to 1 hour
2 outfit, 1 location
Hair and Makeup Artist
4 digital hi-res images, color or B&W
The Large Package - $1,500
Up to 3 hours
2 outfits, 2 locations
Hair and Makeup Artist
8 digital hi-res images, color or B&W

Entertainment Event

USD $250 - USD $1,500

About This Service
Entertainment events photography is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience.
We arrange a time to speak with our client or whoever the event organizer is, so you can get an exact idea of what the event to cover will look like.
We are check in with the person who hired us to make sure we are on the same page about what we'll deliver.
We’ll be interacting with people and saying, ‘Hey, do you mind if I get a photo?’
For the most part we’re walking around being a documentarian,”
Some clients might require that you write down the names of everyone you photograph.
Event photography can be fascinating and exciting. “A camera grants you access to places you wouldn’t go normally. we end up in unique places and situations.”
Ouf!!"I can't capture how amazing that was!" I remember!

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Something Small - $250
Good for up to 10 people
Includes 5 digitally edited photos
Pictures taken with DSLR and iPhone
A Big Group - $600
Good for up to 30 people
Includes 20 digitally edited photos
Pictures taken with DSLR, iPhone, and Polaroid
Full day - $1,500
Good for 50+ people
Includes 30 digitally edited photos

Corporate Branding

Contact for Pricing

About This Service
Corporate photography is a means by the companie communicate their personality, uniqueness, and professionalism to customers.
This is all about branding a company in the minds and hearts of customers, demonstrating a personal side of the business that not only creates a connection with customers, but also differentiates the company from the competition
The Brand Identity involves images that will appear on websites, in brochures, and most importantly on social media. These images include on-location photographs or headshots of the company leaders, team photos, images of the office environment of the company, images of products and/or services, and even corporate events or meetings be used in later publicity endeavours.
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Something Small - Contact for Pricing
Good for up to 10 people
Includes 5 digitally edited photos
Pictures taken with DSLR and iPhone
A Big Group - Contact for Pricing
Good for up to 30 people
Includes 20 digitally edited photos
Pictures taken with DSLR, iPhone, and Polaroid
A Huge Celebration - Contact for Pricing
Good for 50+ people
Includes 30 digitally edited photos
10 posed & staged digital pictures
Includes photobooth for your guests to use!


What is women's dress code?
Use a plain coloured blazer or jacket, preferably in the darker shade to make the portrait stand out. Ladies can wear a shirt or a blouse inside, use a light shade,
if possible. If you are wearing a shirt, keep the collar button open.
If you find it challenging to choose one, then take a few dresses with you and ask for the photographer’s opinion.
The shape of your neckline should complement the shape of your face.
Be wear designer outfits that you like the most. You can go for colourful shades of red, green, blue, orange, and yellow. You can go for designer coats if interested.
Keep your comfortable hairstyle. If you are interested in wearing a necklace,
then go for any chain that you like the most. 

What is the male dress code for photography?
Have a blazer or a suit coat is a must. Dark Black, Navy Blue, and Dark Blue jackets. Be wear a tie to get a more professional formal look.
You can go for a tie with minimal design work.
It will be good if you can take two or three ties with you.
Always wear a contrast colour shirt inside. So, if you are using a dark blue suit coat, then wear a white or sky blue colour shirt. Make sure that the shirt is a full-sleeved one
You can go for a designer blazer with a zipper.
You can also wear a shirt or T-shirt alone for casual headshots. So,
it would be good to carry more than one dress when you go for a casual headshot photography shoot.